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Why is Google so Brilliant?

So, while I was in DC, my friend Neil turned me on to the divine radiance that is Gmail. I mean, ever since I saw this billboard in my hometown:

Google Billboard

I knew that Google was setting a high standard! You see, visiting the URL on the billboard was just the first step towards applying for a job with Google.

The good news just kept rolling in. I’ve read articles hither and yon about Google’s excellent management practices, its plush treatment of employees, and its culture of über-creativity. Just look at the Google blog, and you’ll see that these guys have plenty of time to goof off, even though they are constantly creating some of the finest web content!

Today they are talking about the eye-tracking studies coming out of their “usability lab.” This is brilliant, truly fascinating stuff! Tech Crunch has already picked up on it, check out their post here. I find Google’s videos of the actual tests particularly interesting.