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Travel Update #4: Prague

Finally a place in Europe with a sensible WiFi connection (that is, a free one): Sir Toby’s Hostel in Prague.

Yes, I’ve been out of the country for over a month now, and we are only now reaching Travel Update #4. So much for diligence.

I’m going to go ahead and make a list of things I should tell you about. And then I expect you’ll send me an e-mail everyday reminding me to elaborate:

  1. Host Family
  2. Trip to Warnemuende
  3. Trip to Prague
  4. School, Schedules
  5. Daily Life
  6. Everything Else!

Alright, enough already! Assignments, assignments. Everything in it’s own good time.

In the meantime, here are some images from Prague!

Fascinating fetus sculpture in a downspout in Prague Crowds milling about in Prague A cheeky lion scuplture peeking out of its den An old US Army Jeep in Prague Guard outside the palace in Prague Statue of a saint on the big bridge in Prague Some fancy Prague architecture View of the castle in Prague View of a Prague Church from above Butter and bread - yum! An old train