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Inauguration Fever


I won’t even try to hide my enthusiasm for what happened yesterday, even if it did utterly exhaust me. We left at 3:30 in the morning to secure our place in front of the capital. It was absolutely freezing cold, and half of our party was huddled on the ground for warmth for hours, sleeping to pass the time. It was even too cold to play cards. But then Obama appeared, and the sun came out - yes, there may be a causal relationship - and the cold didn’t matter and a new day dawned, yada yada….

Then, after we had finished switching presidents, Neil and I became stuck in the throng of more than 2 million people. There was mass frustration, but for the most part people were good-humored about the DC Police Department’s poorly-executed crowd control. My friend Rickpaul quipped that this exit strategy must have been arranged by the former president.

I do have a video for the week, although I didn’t take my camera to the ceremony. I don’t really regret that decision, because there wasn’t too much to see. It was all about the experience, anyway, and that’s something a photo can’t capture. Here’s the vid; enjoy!

2023 UPDATE: THE VIDEO NO LONGER EXISTS :( As I recall, it was a video of Joe Biden coming out of church in Georgetown.