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First Post - Merry Christmas

I created this blog a while back for a video art class with professor Leslie Sharpe. I posted a few things in that semester (Fall 2007) as part of the class’s requirements, but those posts were erratic and utterly useless, so I deleted them.

Well, now I’m back and I hope to do something not-so-useless with this.

In February, I will be traveling to Berlin, Germany, where I will be studying at Humboldt University through the IES Abroad Program. I want to get started with this blog by documenting my experience.

Ultimately, though, I want this blog to be more than just a travel journal. I have spent a lot of time over at Steve Pavlina’s Blogsite. I highly recommend his writing. Whenever I need some motivation, I cruise over there and read an article or two. His attitude never ceases to inspire me.

Anyway, he encourages everyone who has any interests in life to try blogging not only as a means for personal improvement, but also a means of income-generation and a number of other wonderful things. Personally, I don’t see how I can hope to become a successful, engaged member of the online community without it, so I’m prepared to give it my best shot.

Well, I’m going to go explore - Ho! Ho! Ho!