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Travel Update #11: Gahaaa!

Cool stuff: http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2009/06/highaltitudewindpower/

Busy times in Berlin. Yesterday I handed in fourteen pages of pure German text for my two literature courses. I wrote it all by myself :) - 1.5 spacing, which the Germans prefer. Makes me pretty happy, but I still have one more paper of about equal length to write by next Tuesday for my “German-American Relations” course. I’m doing research into the so-called “degenerate art” of the Nazi period, which for the most part was sold off to the United States, because the Nazis didn’t want it. As a result, American museums have the most extensive collections of German expressionist and dada art from the early 20th century.

I turn in that paper next week, during final exams.

My Professor for Art History asked us to do an art project in lieu of writing a paper, which is a godsend for me! I’m experimenting with video in PureData, and I’m planning on doing some kind of interactive video and sound installation using a live feed from a webcam. It’s coming along nicely, though I haven’t quite decided on a concept. So far, I’ve just been playing with the technology.

We’re going to have a little gallery party sometime next week, and then it’s all over for IES courses here in Berlin.

But even after that, I’ll be sticking with the internship at the Oberschule until school ends on the 15th. I am also working on a research project for that. For this, I’ve decided to interview some of the kids about their future prospects. You know, “what do you wanna be when you grow up?” “Do you think school is helping you achieve your goals?” etc. Once I’ve collected their comments, I have to do a little write-up and an in-class presentation of the results. Should be interesting.

Sylvia is flying in on 10th of July, while I’m wrapping up my internship. After the 17th, it’ll all be over and we’ll be able to go travelling around - I can’t wait!

Wow, the time flew by quickly, and I kind of regret not blogging more often about it, but then that’s how it goes. Goes to show how busy I was - more doing, less writing!